Bow Down, aKing is Coming to Town

The lone bruised and bloody eye that stares out from the CD cover of aKing’s most recently released album, ‘Morning After’ reflects the haunting and sincere nature of their music. There is something terribly compassionate in the emotion present in that glittering indigo iris.


The Cape Town based melodic pop-rock band debuted with their album ‘Dutch Courage’ in February 2008 and have witnessed an ongoing climb since then. The CD received third position for Best Album in the March 2009 issue of FHM. They were only superseded by AC/DC and Metallica who claimed first and second places respectively.


Members from the hard rock Afrikaans band Fokofpolisiekar, Hunter Kennedy and Jaco Venter, united with Laudo Liebenberg and Hennie van Halen to deliver a softer and yet more intense music. Although all the members are Afrikaans, every song they have released so far has been in English. After aKing was born, they incurred vast fanbase who regularly worship at the band’s powerful lyrical altar.


Their next two albums ‘Against All Odds’ (2009) and ‘The Red-Blooded Years’ (2011) boosted the band’s popularity to even greater heights. Influenced by singer Bruce Springsteen and the American group the Foo Fighters, aKing have lived up to their role-models by producing  music of a similar standard.


The first track on ‘Morning After’, Prey to the Birds flows through your veins, the words solidifying through your blood, the music pouring through your ears like liquid sound. “I really want to take you home, keep your head when your eyes roll”, lead singer, Laudo Liebenberg croons in the chorus.


The Rhodes University Chamber Choir (RUCC), in an attempt to raise funds for their tour to the USA, have co-ordinated and organised for aKing to perform at the 1820s Settler’s Monument on the 31st of July. Tickets for this event are only R100.



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